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Import Departmant


The import department of Sorena Teb Batis Group consists of experienced researchers and specialists and is trying to import products that have international standards. The products and services identified by this department are measured by international standards and, if approved, cooperation is formed between the parties.

Representation of Sairo brand from Quimi Romar

Quimi Romar was founded in 1968 and during the past 50 years has consolidated itself as a recognized leader in the production and distribution of personal care, cosmetics and homecare products.
Established as a family owned business, Quimi Romar has grown to employee over 250 people.

About Sairo

Sairo brand is one of the main subsidiaries of quimi romar brands that produces personal health and care products. The products of this company are produced and offered in 4 main categories.

Body Care

The first and largest category of Sairo products are skin care products that are produced in many sizes and extracts; Body milk, body shampoo, body spray, deodorant, etc are among the products produced and offered by Sairo.

Hair Care

Sairo has also performed well in the production of hair care products and has placed a wide range of products in its product line. Shampoos with argan extracts, aloe vera, coconut, keratin shampoos and shampoos for different types of hair, including dry and oily hair are examples of products in this category.


One of the interesting products of the Sairo brand is the perfumes of this brand, which are offered in different and special packages. These perfumes have different scents and are produced in weights of 750 ml and above.


Sairo, like many other brands, has not forgotten your children and has produced products suitable for the delicacy of their skin and hair. Body milk, liquid soap, and hair & body shampoo are examples of these products.

Do you want to be a representative of Sairo?

Representation Biolight

“BIOLIGHT was IPO since 2011 and is currently trading in the SHENZHEN STOCK EXCHANGE. Founded in 1993, BIOLIGHT is an internationally established leading provider in medical devices, medical consumables and healthcare solutions. At BIOLIGHT, we look beyond the technology to the experience of dedicated healthcare professionals and find inspirations in the needs of our customers. That is why BIOLIGHT has continued to be considered as a leading innovator in the areas of patient monitoring and emergency responds, Hemodialysis renal care, and digital health homecare solutions.
Sorena Teb Batis Company, in cooperation with this company, has imported two medical devices from this company to facilitate the treatment process of the relevant patients by using them. In the following, you will read information about these devices.

P600 Infusion Pump

  • 4.2 inch high definition LCD color screen.
  • Double infusion mode option and display( drip rate and volumetric).
  • Real-time self check during startup and infusion process.
  • Bolus and quick drainage function cut infusion and drainage time.
  • Anti-bolus function with three gradings(H,M,L).
  • Ulltrasonic air-in-line detection
  • 9 kinds Audio-visual alarm insure further safety
  • Audio prompt function for unconventional infusion speed guarantee error free operation.
  • Real time display total infused volume, easy for clinical observation.
  • Automatically switch to KVO rate operation upon preset volume is completed.
  • Memory of last running parameters even under power off.
  • Automatically switch among ml/h, drop/min and time-based.
  • Change flow rate without stopping the pump.
  • Built-in thermostat: 30-45℃, temperature adjustable
  • Key locker
  • Extensive flow rate range, 0.1-1500 ml/h, in0.1 ml/h increments.
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery keep machine above 5 hours running under 30 m/L
  • Life span up to above 5 years
  • IPX3, Class II, Type CF

P550 Injection Pumps

  • 3.2 inch color LCD display
  • Individually show for
  • corresponding channel
  • Night key
  • Press at any time to enter night mode to save power and protect eye from strong light especially at night.
  • Menu key
  • Wherever sub-menu goes, directly come back main menu by pressing this key
  • Shuttle key
  • Quickly reach intended numbers to save time
  • Syringe hook
  • Working together with pressure sensor
  • Syringe plate
  • Detector inside automatically check the volume of syringe pinched in and show corresponding size at left with lamp on
  • IPX4 waterproof cloth
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Purge
  • Continuously press two time enter bolus or quick drainage function
  • Flow rate
  • Flow rate in each channel are showed respectively more directly and easy for data collection