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Export Depatmant


With the aim of developing global markets, Batis Export Department cooperates with companies that are ready to enter the global market and their products have a quality that can compete with their international competitors.
Saramad Teb Parayeh Company is an example of the mentioned companies. Sorena Teb Batis Export Department has decided to support these products by researching and testing the leading products of paramedical medicine and has exported these products to other countries.
This company has started its activity in the field of production of high quality anesthesia equipment since 2006. According to the request and needs of customers, Sarmad Paryeh Teb has produced plastic injection molds, extruders, robotic injection systems, the quality of these products in the Middle East is approved and exemplary.
The area of ​​the leading medicine factory is 5000 square meters and also has 700 square meters of clean room, which is constantly improving by observing GMP principles by the research and development department.
Other reasons for the superiority of parametric over other competitors is the ISO 13485: 2016 certificate and the license to manufacture medical equipment from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for all products manufactured by this company.

PVC Breathing Circuits

PCV breathing circuits are made of medical-grade materials. The tube is reinforced by an external helix, whilst the inner surface is smooth. This offers several advantages to the system:
* The tube is extremely flexible.
* The tube is totally crush-proof thereby eliminating any risk of ventilation being interrupted.

* Tube diameter is constant, had ever the curvature radius if the circuit.
* Tube Smooth bore prevents condensation build-up which reduces bacterial growth.
* The tube us totally transparent, so the circuit can be constantly monitored.
The PVC breathing circuits can also be insulated. This means the external spiral is coated with further layer plastic which forms an insulating air cavity. This type of circuits is ideal when the temperature of the gas inside the circuit has to be kept constant.

Special Breathinf Circuits

These special breathing circuits are applicable in ventilators such as versamed, hamilton, portable ventilators and any ventilators using a differential pressure system.

Portable ventilator set

this product is used in portable ventilators and ventilators which need one breathing tube.
The tube is selected by order PE or PVC Smooth Bore.

Mapelson System

This system is designed and built up to use positive pressure ventilation with fresh gases and adjustable pressure valve(APL).
It could be configured to 6 different types of Mapleson systems (A,B,C,D,E,F).
Types E and F are suitable for newborn infants.
Those System is available in two types of connection, one is to connect them at any position.


there are wide varieties of Cather mounts which are presented for different applications.
The head of rotating catheter can be used in various positions, and its soft cap enable suctioning capnograph an tracheal tube.
There are three connections tubes:
* Type EXT, with different position memory without elastic form, and length adjustment ability for dead space reduction.
* Type ST, With high transparency and anti block
* Type AT, with light tube and economical

Nebulizer Kit

Nebulizer kits are provided in two types. Nebulizer Kit and Nebulizer Kit with Mask.
* Nebulizer chamber capacity is 7cc and minimum residual liquid volume.
* Nebulizer Kit provides 80 percent of particles in breathable range.
* Nebulizer kit can use max 45 degree position.
* Nebulizer kit is used in ventilator which have NEB options.

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