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Sorena Teb Batis

Batis Group consists of highly knowledgeable, experienced, motivated and young people who strive to provide the best quality and services in all areas of their work and also always strive to provide the best cooperation to their business partners.

Batis Group is proud that in all fields of working, has established and expanded good businesses in Iran as well as internationally.

We always pay attention to the needs of the market and seek the most appropriate solution for it, we will move towards progress and we will warmly and eagerly cooperate with the co-operation enthusiasts in this way.







Batis News

Batis Export Department

Batis group, by being a member of chamois of commerce and business group And also having Iranian business card, as well as due to the increasing development of international trade opportunities and potentials in the field of export, intends to establish a joint business with groups who are capable in production and Investment, export of various goods, especially medical equipment to target countries and contribute to the international economy and trade.

Batis Import Department

The import department of Sorena Teb Batis Group consists of experienced researchers and specialists and is trying to import products that have international standards. The products and services identified by this department are measured by international standards and, if approved, cooperation is formed between the parties.


Batis Production Department

Batis Group, according to the needs and requests of customers and in cooperation with capable groups in production and investment, is trying to produce and supply the high quality products in the Middle East. Production of high-quality goods (at the level of international standards) and reasonable prices are the main goals of the production department of Batis Group. We believe that creative thinking and benefiting from the experiences of the professionals of each industry, along with related knowledge, should lead to the production of high-quality goods and services and provide them to all people of around the world to increase their welfare level of life.

Batis Distribution and Sales Department

Sorena Teb Batis Distribution and Sales Department consists of energetic, specialized and experienced young people who have highly educated in the field of medical equipment, and this makes them identify the characteristics of the products in the best possible way and make it competitive with similar products. To measure.
Sorena Teb Batis Group is a distributor of the Medical Equipment Department and has an operating license from this department. Therefore, this department is active throughout Iran and provides high quality medical equipment to all parts of the country.

Online Shop Departmant

Batis Group decided to establish a healthy online store with the aim of facilitating online sales and purchasing and distributing quality and original products.
This store has started working in 4 different categories (cosmetics, health, medicine, perfume) and is now ready to receive your orders, dear ones.
Also in Baslamtim online store, users can register as sellers and sell their products.